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Started by Michele294, Jan 12, 2023, 04:33 PM

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Good Morning Everyone! I was reading an old thread about hell, evil, Eshu, etc., but it wouldn't let me reply so I'm starting an new thread, lol. Does anyone ever think of Eshu as chaos? I mean, everything comes from chaos and eventually everything ends in chaos. And within chaos is the seed of all potential. It was there from the beginning and is what will be there at the end. It's part of everything, it witnesses everything because it is in everything. Chaos is neither good nor bad, but withing it it holds the ability for either to evolve. Just a thought that's been running through my head the last few days :-)


Oh yes that thread was very old. As far as your question @Michele294, yes sometimes I do. Esu is the crossroad, the equilibrium of positive and negative forces. The negotiator that knows the ẹbọ required to appease spiritual entities, in exchange for protection, opportunity, making  blessings manifests etc. But Esu also knows the consequences and bad omen. These two polarizing elements can be summed up in a way as "chaos" if you'd like. I tend to see it as just the nature of the universe.  Everything is happening at once: good, evil, and everything in between. Maybe later I'll make a new thread about evil.
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