Forum Updates! Eleven Months Old !

Started by Omowale, Feb 01, 2023, 07:03 AM

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Ẹ káàbọ̀ ! to all of our new members and thank you for joining Ìṣèṣe làgbà!- The International Ifá Forum!

We are officially eleven months old!

I would like to welcome our newest members!


Thank you for joining our humble community! I hope this forum has been serving you well!!

Can you believe we are almost a year old? January was a busy month, quite a few changes are in the works. The new calendar is currently being worked on. So nothing new.


What may we expect this new month?

  • More members and new discussions Àṣẹ o!
  • The new calendar
  • Other new features may be introduced
  • Libera for chatroom may be completely replaced this month with another. This is still being work on.
  • Maintenance as usual.

Occasionally our site may be closed due to maintenance. Don't worry. Most cases we will be back online soon. I will try my best to let you know if we will be in maintenance for an extended time.


Omowale's technical blog

Now that I'm finally settled (I relocated), I should have more time toward the development of our forum. I also want to update our logo among other features. Stay tuned.
~Manifest destiny from within~


The new calendar is up. We had a silly mistake with the design. Which is why it was not uploaded earlier.
~Manifest destiny from within~