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Reminder of our Egbe Orun

Started by Omowale, Mar 13, 2023, 03:40 PM

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It is important to not forget about our heavenly mates, our ẹgbẹ́ ọrun. Our spiritual companions or astral mates may assist us in our endeavours in life. As with the orisa, your initiation into this spiritual being will help you understand a tradition of practice to venerate them personally. There are many ìtàn where it was revealed to the seeker via Ifa divination, that they did not experience good fortune because they have neglected to acknowledge their egbe orun. Recognizing and venerating our mates in ọrun can assist in bringing good fortune to us on Ayé.

We hail our astral mates by repeating:

"Akiiiika ! Aseeeege !"

Let us listen to Oriki Egbe:

~Manifest destiny from within~


Abẹ̀bẹ̀ Ẹgbé is ceremonial fan and is one of the spiritual tools used by worshippers.

~Manifest destiny from within~


Adding to the importance of remembering your Egbe Orun. It is said that issues in ones life as a child, traumatic experiences that may have occurred frequently, could have been linked to Egbe Orun. There are quite a few ìtàn from Odu Ifa where Ifa told them that they have made a promise to give offerings to their mates in heaven before being born into the earth. And Ifa divined for that person that the reason why that person was not receiving blessings in life is because they forgot their promise. Therefore, it is very important to appease one's Egbe Orun if that is what Ifa says.
~Manifest destiny from within~