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Ẹ káàbọ̀! Michele294!

Started by asobode, Jan 12, 2023, 02:44 PM

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Ẹ káàbọ̀! @Michele294!

Thank you for joining us!

Feel free to join our discussions or start a new one.

Introducing yourself is optional.

If you have any questions about our site you can post in the Help section or message @Omowale directly.


Ẹ káàbọ̀ 👋🏿 Welcome
Láti ọwọ́ Ayọ̀bámikalẹ́


Welcome @Michele294 !

I am glad you have decided to join our humble forum. Apologies for the lack of activity this month. We have been very busy. Especially me as I just relocated. I will get to your posts shortly. Thank you again. Feel free to write new topics. Our forum is yours.
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Awww - no worries! And thank you for your very thoughtful and interesting replies to my posts :-)


Ẹ káàbọ̀ @Michele294 happy to see you here!!


By the way, how did you discover our forum?
~Manifest destiny from within~