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We are officially One Year old!

Started by Omowale, Mar 01, 2023, 02:12 PM

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Ẹ káàbọ̀ ! to all of our new members and thank you for joining Ìṣèṣe làgbà!- The International Ifá Forum!

The count down has ended! is officially 1 year old!

I would like to welcome our newest member(s)!


Thank you for joining our humble community.

So this is the month of our birth. Honestly with the amount of work put into the site, it feels incredible all this has been done in a year. As the founder and only developer/admin of this forum, I am happy to announce that our first year has been completed. March 2022, when I acquired our first domain "iseselagbao" I reminisce coding away trying to bring this project to materialize. I remember telling the mentor who brought me into isese, Baba Oloye Ifa Karade (Temple of the Mystic Path/Karade Nation) sharing the news that my site was in the works. I remember the support of my godmom  @Iyanifa_Ifafunke_agbeke (Oturupon temple) giving me blessings and the good grace to continue my work on the site. I remember telling other Ifa practitioners in my area about our forum, that has led to them being the initial people who joined. I also thank all the amazing people in Ẹgbẹ́ Ọmọ Odùduwà who started the initial activity on our site. Who planted the seeds of knowledge so that we served as a resource for all those who view our forum. We did all this, just to get the bare minimum together, without any monetary incentive. I spent countless nights with no budget, trying to get basic functions to work. And from then on I have experimented with features that work, and features that do not work. I thank those who believed in this project and contributed behind the scenes what little they could to assist with me in paying our hosting provider, for without them this site would not be online.

This year has been spent building our basic foundation. Our monthly announcements are a testament to just how many changes we have gone through, and also what more needs to be done. And there were many obstacles. Websites that host African based content, especially those where people are using a native language, are discriminated against by the algorithm that tailors towards western enterprise. This is because the powers that be view us as less marketable for their agendas. Therefore,  sites like ours start out ranked incredibly low on search engine index. Which basically means it is hard to find us on google.

These obstacles made it hard for me, mentally and emotionally. My life often clashed with dedicating my energy towards the site. But Ifa, my ancestors, spiritual mates, and the orisa involved in my life guides me. I know my destiny and I will continue to do the needful.

But despite the challenges, we are viewed by hundreds of people. The amount of private messages I've received across this platform and other social media platforms has validated that our forum is serving its purpose. Our purpose of being an open resource for the isese community and all other isese derivative traditions. I thank those who have signed up. I also thank the majority of our users who haven't joined our site but continually read our site. I am happy our site could serve you.

It is also quite fitting that I managed to finish the year with acquiring our final domain name: .

Our site has been humble for a good reason, as these core features would have been difficult to implement if we had high activity. There are projects that in the works and I will do my best to see them through. Development should never stagnate and I will always come up with ideas and plans to implement.

May our forum continue to develop and grow in activity. Ase Olodumare


What may we expect this new month?

  • More members and new discussions Àṣẹ o!
  • New topics and possibly features.
  • Development of the chatroom has been delayed. I am sorry about this. I hope to really come up with a good solution
  • Maintenance as usual.

Occasionally our site may be closed due to maintenance. Don't worry. Most cases we will be back online soon. I will try my best to let you know if we will be in maintenance for an extended time.

~Manifest destiny from within~