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Homage to Ogun

Started by Omowale, Mar 15, 2023, 06:52 PM

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(An example of Ogun shrine)

Please Chant:

Ogun mama je n ri soso
Ogun mama je n ri soso
Eni wa soso
a ri soso
Ogun mama je n ri soso

Ogun does not let me see evil (2x)
Don't let evil evil happen to me
Don't let me experience evil
Ogun does not let me see evil
Ìbà fún Ògún o 🙏🏿
Give homage to Ogun

Ogbèkànràn (Eji-Ogbe Okanran)

|| |
|| |
|| |
|  |

Ení tere èjì tere
Òde olóde pìn mí
Adífá fún Lele
Who would be given Ogun's farm to cultivate.

Lele wanted to pick a farm outside of his city boundaries. He consulted Ifa to find out if he could get good land to cultivate. He was told to sacrifice three cocks and six hundred and fifty cowries. He made the sacrifice.
After the sacrifice, he was told to take whatever farmland he was given, but to make available palm wine, amala and dog stew when he started to cultivate it. Before he got to the farm, they had heard that he was a good worker. They did not really like him, so they pointed out Ogun's land to him, hoping that as soon as Ogun returns from war, he would kill Lele.
Lele remembered what he was told and the third day on the farm, he prepared everything and took them to the farm. Ogun returned from war that same day and he was hungry. On getting there, he met the aroma of dog stew. He went there and ate the meal with his followers. They also drank the palm wine. Lele met them there and asked them why they were eating his food.
Ogun apologised and asked him who was cultivating the farm.  Lele said he was the one. Ogun told Lele that he was given the farm so that he (Ogun) could kill him, for the land belonged to him. Still, Ogun told him to continue cultivating the land for he could not kill him at all.
Lele thus became a big landlord and thanked Ogun. Lele's enemies became sad when after some days they did not see Ogun fighting him, for the land was fertile. At the end of the year, Lele had the biggest harvest.

We should not allow bad people to influence our decisions. According to Araba of Ibadan, Chief Ifalere Odegbemi Adegbola, if this Odu is divined for a person, he should offer the prescribed ẹbọ because he will be offered a doubtful but good thing. So giving the offering will make sure the good thing will be his and to also put his enemies to shame.
~Manifest destiny from within~