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Iba Orisa Oko

Started by Omowale, Mar 23, 2023, 07:19 PM

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Orisa Oko was a very successful farmer. He was also known to be very humble and fought for people who were struggling in life. He was known to be esoteric and had his own secret techniques that enabled him to succeed in farming. He is associated with African white yams.  As such white yams and palm oil are given as an offering to this orisha. His garments are white and it is said that Orisa Oko carried
ọ̀pá (staff) which is said to be used for ritual. Orisa Oko represents crops, harvest, farming, fertility, and business (As this orisa was very wealthy). Those who are looking to make it in Agriculture or any endeavor have benefited from praising this orisha. Let us venerate this orisha.

(Orisa Oko devotee holding staff)

If anyone can contribute more about Orisa Oko please feel free to chime in.
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