Signs That You Are A Child of Oshun

Started by Omowale, May 09, 2023, 02:15 PM

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I would like to share this video I was watching of an Ọ̀ṣun Priestess telling us the signs that a person maybe ọmọ Ọ̀ṣun. She says when someone is experiencing these signs, that they will consult Ifa on the matter. It is important to take note that only Ifa provides the answer to which Orisha they are a child of. There are many videos out there on social media of Influencers telling people the "signs" without mentioning Ifa. This is misinformation. You cannot diagnose yourself for sure to be a child of the Orisha you choose. Ifa is the word of Olodumare, Ifa is the way of the universe. And true Oníṣẹ̀ṣe humble themselves to that fact. Only Ifá can tell us for certain of the will of Òrìṣà. As Odu Ifa is the ultimate source of the lives of the Orisha and it is also how we have come to remember them today. It is important to not forget the crucial role of Ifá. As Ifa is the word of Olódùmaré, Ifa is thus the word of the universe as we know it. This is an important reminder. What you desire is different than what you inherited.

Ore yeye o 🙏🏿

(I also tried AI art to draw a devotee wearing all white in an anime style. It seems it is not good at drawing hands 😂)
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