Happy Isese Day! The End of One and the Birth of Another

Started by Omowale, Aug 20, 2023, 12:51 PM

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As you may have heard recently Isese Day is finally an official Holiday throughout many states in Yorubaland. Oyo, where my Ile is located, being one of them! This is a tremendous accomplish for all our Traditionalist brothers and sisters in Yorubaland.

That being said, It has been a joy to create this forum and watch it grow over the years. It was a nice project attempt at an Ifa online community. When I initially created iseselagba.com it was an open ended project meant for discussions in all things Isese. Which allowed me to learn along the way about the best layout for a forum of this nature. This helped me flesh out the goal that I truly want to achieve. That the best kind of resource is one that is an easily searchable "Isese library" that is much better organized. It also made me realize that this platform does not have enough features for the users to truly feel at home here. Searching this forum can be pretty intimidating for the newcomer. The infrastructure is also quite outdated. And even difficult for me as the administrator to reference the Odu here, since it is difficult to search through. For all those reasons and the high upkeep of iseselagba.com, I regret to inform you that I will be in the process of shutting down the site!

But with the end of one, comes the birth of another. For all those reasons I have created a new Isese website: https://onisese.com/ . This website was built for all the reasons above. Built at its foundation as an easily searchable archive for the deep and dynamic complexities of all local Isese traditions in Yorubaland. This website has "reddit-like" features where any member can create and customize their own Isese page. This is what I call the "Communities" feature. This means that you can create your own Isese page dedicated to the traditions of your hometown, or local Orisa. I am currently in the process of creating a page for each of the 256 Odu Ifa.

See the full write up of how to sign up and use the site here: https://onisese.com/post/2

I am honored to have been a part of the small community that we had here. And I hope to see you at our new site. Ire o!
~Manifest destiny from within~