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Rules !!

Started by Omowale, Feb 16, 2022, 11:14 PM

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You are solely responsible for what you post. Be mindful. Breaking any of the following rules will either result in a warning or a ban. How you are penalized will be up to the discretion of the Admin and Moderators.

1. No Spamming

This includes aggressive peddling of any kind. The occasional links to resources and other Ifá communities is fine. But you will be penalized if you are excessively spamming  posts or links.

2. No Hate Speech

Not only will hate speech not be tolerated, but it violates our agreement with our hosting provider. You will be penalized.

3. No Soliciting

This forum is not your hustle.

4. No Harassment

This includes bullying, doxxing, trolling, personal attacks, threats, stalking, inciting arguments for no valid reason, and anything of that nature.

5. No Pornographic Content

This is self explanatory.

6. Do Not Derail Threads

There are different threads and categories for a reason, please stick to the topic.

7. No Piracy

This forum will not be a host for copyrighted content.

8. Be Respectful

Within this tradition there are many practices that may differ from yours. We ask that members engage each other respectfully. Questions are encouraged!
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