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Started by Omitayese Fabamise, Jul 04, 2022, 04:07 AM

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Omitayese Fabamise

Aboru aboye abosise.

Nice to find this site and be here.

I initiated to Osun in 2015 and Ifa in 2017.

I live in California (rural northern) and am always looking for Isese friends.

Thank you for having me!

Iya Omitayese
Omitáyéṣe Ifábámiṣé


@Omitayese Fabamise

Àboyè Bọṣíṣẹ

Thank you for joining our humble community. We are glad to have you.

Oh wow north California. I have only visited southern California. I know there are Ifa/Isese communities in southern California. I seldom hear about the rural north though. Are there any Ifa/Isese temples up there?

And feel free to participate in our past discussions or create new ones.

~Manifest destiny from within~


Ẹ káàbọ̀, welcome!!!


Ẹ káàbọ̀!!! Nice to know another Cascadian is here!!! 🌲⛰️🏔�🌊
Láti ọwọ́ Ayọ̀bámikalẹ́

Omitayese Fabamise

There is a family temple here: Oyeku Ofun Temple. My Ile is Fakayode (Ibadan). Locally, we are few, though.. I think I can count local devotees on one hand.

E Kaabo!
Omitáyéṣe Ifábámiṣé



Yepp you found a fellow Cascadian  ;D

@Omitayese Fabamise

O ye mi. I understand. Well I'm glad you have a family temple. I know some people who live in areas where the closest Ifa/Isese house is about 3 hours away.
~Manifest destiny from within~